Zoom costs

Following the conversation after today’s class (8th June) some of you will have gathered that it I use a professional Zoom account to host the Body Harmony classes. This is to ensure unlimited duration and participants. I use this for little else and the cost this year has almost doubled.

Accordingly I am asking for a small contribution from those attending the Zoom classes (Tuesday and Wednesday) just to defray my expenses.

I suggested just £5 per year and this seems to be have been found to be agreeable.

Donations gratefully accepted via the means below.

Bank transfer

30-97-80  (TSB) – here simplified for easier copy+paste: 309780
07293124 (Andrew Ellis)



Please use the ‘send to friend‘ option.

Should you want to pay by any other way then please contact me via andy@croydonaikido.org.uk

Many thanks – Andy